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Start Date/Time:
Monday, August 6, 2018 2:00 PM
End Date/Time:
Monday, August 6, 2018 4:00 PM
Recurring Event:
One time event
Normal Priority
Introductions: All attendees will introduce themselves and the organization that they represent.
• Rules of Engagement
1. Share the airtime
2. Listen to understand and for the future to emerge
3. Disagree without being disagreeable
4. Share your experience (not others)
5. Stay open to new ways of doing things; all ideas are valid
6. Respect each other’s thinking and value their contributions
7. Speak your truth, without blame or judgment
8. Ask what’s possible?” not “what’s wrong”? Keep asking.
9. Seek common ground and understanding (not problems and conflict)
10. Stay focused on the topic at hand; out of the weeds and swamps
• Purpose of Working Group: Provide regular venue for vendors, contractors, homeowners and others who frequently do business at the Building permitting counter to share concerns/identify solutions.
• Goal: Improve service delivery, Education and strengthen relationships with community/Industry
• Standard Agenda Setting: Round table/open forum to identify topics of concern and agenda items for future meetings, and address specific inquiries.
• General comments:
o A forum for development of action plan for department with objectives of process improvement and information sharing/education; group can assist in disseminating information to community/industry
o Need to be mindful of group make-up for broad representation, yet manageable/effective size
• Last meeting notes—review action items and discuss and report out.
• Discussion PRC 4290/91—Continued from last meeting; Discussion on Driveway 4290 approval process and 30’ foot setback variance mitigation measures ; Conference call with SFM office staff
o SFM staff may be present to discuss these items--burn replacement issue, same practical effect for variance for greater acre and less; Are wood deck replacement or new included??, Authority/role of inspection agency & Calfire, what does it mean for BOS adoption of PRC 4290/91??, History of PRC adoption, Future of the PRC provision by State Fire Marshall/Calfire, Calfire inspection-maintenance/enforcement program—volunteer groups, etc.
o Interpretation on subdivisions/parcels less and greater than acre and older than 1991
• Design criteria—snow loads –Terry report out—update; GIS map on website?
• Fire Department Reviews/Inspection process—JPA update? Communications—email and phone lists; which Fire Districts provide plan review/inspections and what type of services are provided? --Chief Johnson
• Shipping Containers—ICC guideline and County policy posted on website
• Other Ideas for Future:
Next Meeting: TBA: location—CALworks Building—Sequoia
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