How Do I?

Sign up for Emergency Notifications

Find Information on the Butte Fire

Visit the Calaveras County Butte Fire website

Find Information on Tree Mortality

Visit the Calaveras County Tree Mortality website

Resolve a Traffic Ticket?

Please visit the Superior Court's website.

Get a Passport?

Please contact the US State Department for information regarding passports.

Open a business, where do I start?

The Economic Development Department can give you information about the steps to get your business started.

Contact them at (209) 754-6742 for more information or visit their website here.


Find a Solid Waste Facility and their business hours?

Call (209) 754-6403 for more information or visit their website.

Apply for a job with the County?

Please visit the Employment Opportunities website for a listing of current openings.

Know if it is a "Burn Day"?

Call (209) 754-6600 or (209) 785-7664 for recorded information or visit thier website for other information

Get a Building Permit ?

Please contact the Building Department at (209) 754-6390

Register to Vote?

Register to vote online or call the Election’s office at (209) 754-6376 to have a voter registration form mailed to you.

Get a Marriage License?

Complete the form on the Clerk’s website, both parties must appear in person to complete the process.  Call the Clerk’s office at (209) 754-6371 to make an appointment.

Get copies of Deeds and other Official Land Records?

You may request a copy of a recorded document online, mail, or in person.  If you choose to make your request online, you must call the Clerk Recorder’s office (209) 754-6372 to pay over the phone and the document will be emailed to you.  You may also place documents in your shopping cart and come into the office to purchase them.

Get copies of Vital Records?

To request a copy of a vital record you may complete the request form available on the Clerk Recorder’s website.  You must appear in person to complete your request or have your signature notarized and mail in your request form with the applicable payment.  If you need assistance please contact the Clerk-Recorder’s office at (209) 754-6372.

Get a Fictitious Business Name?

To apply for a Fictitious Business Name you may complete the form on the Clerk Recorder’s website.  You must appear in person to complete the processing of your application or you may print out the form and mail the original to Clerk’s office. If you need assistance please contact the Clerk’s office at (209) 754-6371.   

Get a Business License?

If you are operating a business in Calaveras County in whole or in part, you are required to have a Calaveras County Business License.

To obtain an application form and a list of frequently asked questions or contact the Tax Collector's Office at (209) 754-6350.

Get Property, Parcel and Tax Information?


Call or visit their websites:  The Assessor (209) 754-6356   or   Tax Collector (209) 754-6350